Winter 2020 tour wrap up!

ArcAttack entertains thousands of kids in a theatre.

We just finished up our winter educational tour of 2020 and it was a blast!  This tour mainly focused on engineering and explaining the methodology engineers use to build everything from medicine to electronics mixed in with our Tesla coil performance. What better way to do this than a little bit of Tesla coil music!  For us, it’s fun to play some Tesla coil music but what’s more fun is being able to answer the question “How does a Tesla coil work?”, and the kids seem to enjoy it just as much as we did. (If you’re asking yourself “How does a Tesla coil work” you should click here!)

It was also fun to show off what else we have made besides our Tesla coil performance, Like our robot drummer King Beat.  Not only did he rock the drums, but he also dropped some knowledge going over the basics of engineering. Unfortunately, though he dropped more than some knowledge as some of the back roads we took shook him a little bit too much and he dropped a couple of bolts.  Thankfully we had enough time before our shows to get him right as rain. 

This tour was even more exciting with our new crew member Destiny.  One of the best stagehands we’ve had and she also offered to teach me how to weld when we get back. She was definitely a welcome addition and I hope she comes out for many more shows and productions in the future.

Joe and I grew up in Michigan but now live in Texas so it was awesome to see snow again albeit a little scary since we haven’t driven through that kind of weather in a while. As much fun as this tour was, we are pretty excited to get back to Austin to continue working on our DIY Tesla coil kit, The Thundermouse. Hopefully, soon you can build your own ArcAttack DIY tesla coil!  The worst part of this tour though was having to leave our new puppy Riker at home. Maybe one day we’ll figure out a way to take her with us.   

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