Thundermouse Update!


Happy New Year!

Many of you guys have been emailing us about the backorder status of our Thundermouse kit. We’re currently experiencing issues obtaining a critical part of the design. As of now, it looks like it may be June of this year before we can acquire all the materials we need in sufficient quantities.

The good news is that we have been using the time to improve the design and add features to the software. 

The bad news, supply chain issues, and inflation are likely going to require an adjustment to the price. All of the parts and materials are more expensive than a year ago. We’re unsure of what that is at the moment. 

In the meantime, we have been selling a small number of complete units to museums and science centers using the parts we’ve already had in stock. This has given us ample testing and feedback for improving the design!

While we are annoyed with the delay in getting this kit out to you guys, rest assured that we are otherwise keeping busy. Performances are starting to pick up somewhat, though not to pre-pandemic levels. We have been doing some contract engineering work on top of Tesla coil production to fill in the gaps.

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