Dassy lee performs with tesla coils

Looking for an eye-catching entertainment for your next outdoor festival? Look no further! We have dozens of Tesla coils of every variety ready to be deployed at your event.

Nothing attracts people from afar as the wild display of a musical Tesla coil installation. Mesmerize the crowd with skillfully arranged musical composition synchronized with the visual spectacle of the artificial lightning bolts. Leave them stunned as skilled performers harness this power like the invincible lightning gods they are!

Whether you need 6 feet or 60 foot lightning bolts, we have the equipment ready to install. We have a variety of options for large and small spaces. Our professionally made Tesla coil equipment can run on any power standard world wide, simply by changing a connector. Our innovations in installation practices have made it simple to add dazzling lightning displays with surprisingly short setup times.

Our diverse crew of performers can provide everything from our signature lightning guitar performance to choreographed dance production. Our in house costume designers have the tools and experience to make the finest Faraday suits.

Take some time to explore our website, and if you see something you like, let us know.

 We are ready to work with you to create innovative festival entertainment!