Faraday Suit Rental

Carla-X poses in a cool looking Faraday suit

ArcAttack has worked hard to bring Faraday suits into the twenty-first century, so why don’t you step into the future? We create safe, light, and streamlined suits that allow performers to dance while being struck by electricity without being burned or shocked. In other words, you have nothing to worry about. 

The Faraday suit protects you from potential injury by allowing high voltage electrical charges to run around the body rather than through it. Imagine throwing lightning bolts without worrying about being shocked! You can step into one of these suits and let electricity flow freely around you.

Style means everything when you have electricity coursing through your veins. That’s why our Faraday suits are light and flexible. Our Tesla coil suits are custom made to fit most sizes, so we can make one just for you! You will be amazed by how comfortable they are – no heavy gear required.

Whether it’s a wizard shooting lightning off his staff or a superhero with the ability to throw sparks from her fingertips, the Faraday suit makes it happen. Even the most expensive CGI is incapable of replicating the magic of real-life lightning bolts. When Hollywood needs authentic lightning, there’s no alternative. Our movie-quality suits will save the day.

Looking for the ultimate gift for the person who has everything? For that impossible to shop for thrill-seeker on your list, give the gift of high voltage! Some people only fantasize about being able to harness lightning as part of their everyday lives. But how do you bring those fantasies to life? Simple, give us a call!

Rent a Faraday suit and be a superhero today!