Corporate Entertainment

David Blaine's Tesla crew

Don’t settle for your typical corporate entertainment. Give your staff or clients something they can talk about by booking us. We can customize our performance to suit your needs. 

Want to hear your favorite songs played by lightning?

             – We can do that

Want a robot to help host your event?

             -That’s not even a problem at all

Want to blow stuff up on stage using science?

             -Well… Sure! but there are some safety considerations we should talk about…

Want to have your staff dance in a cage while
it’s being zapped with a million volts of electricity?

              -Oh, yeah we can definitely do that too!

Want your CEO on a pedestal shooting lightning
out of his hands in a show of corporate dominance?  

           -It looks a lot scarier than it actually is!

More importantly, we can do it safely.  ArcAttack has been a pioneer in high voltage entertainment for over a decade.  We have worked with the world’s leading production professionals to include our special effects in hotel ballrooms and convention centers all over the world. Rest assured, when you choose ArcAttack for your corporate entertainment needs, you will be in very good hands

With dozens of performance options, a massive cover song list, and a diversely talented crew, we guarantee that we can meet the needs of even the most demanding productions. 

Please contact us for pricing and technical information.