ArcAttack's broadcast station with various computer screens and pieces of audio equipment strewn about.

Live Stream

From our shop in Austin, TX to anywhere in the world!

A child stands on top of a voltage multiplier and her hair is sticking straight up while she makes a funny face.


Read more about our educational programming.

ArcAttack performer is wearing a chainmail suit and playing the guitar. As he plays, he is being struck by a lightning bolt from a nearby Tesla coil.

Festivals & Concerts

Explore options for outdoor installations.

Corporate Functions

Check this out if you want to add something unique to your next corporate meeting.

Dassy Lee is wearing a Faraday suit, while being zapped by 5 Tesla coils surrounding her.

Faraday Suit Rental

Looking to zap your CEO with lightning? Or an epic stunt for an adult birthday party? Our custom Faraday suits are like none you have seen.

2 Tesla coils making lightning bolts at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.

Cover Song List

Browse through our list of cover songs! Please feel free to make suggestions.

Tesla Coil Shows


Looking for high voltage entertainment? We have a Tesla coil show to meet your needs. We can provide an experience tailored to your 

event from Tesla coil rental, educational programming, festival installations, corporate events, and product launches.

What sets us apart from the others? We do everything in-house. Our diverse crew consists of engineers, fabricators, costume designers, musicians, and performers working together to create seamless and cutting edge high voltage performances.

Tired of the chainmail look? Our newest Faraday suit designs use cutting-edge materials to look less like they belong in the renaissance fair and more like it’s 2060. Our costume designers work closely with our in-house engineering team to provide safe yet streamlined high voltage attire. Light and flexible, we are unmatched in performance as well as style.

Have you ever been in a room full of 2000 children screaming at 115db? We have.. ouch! Our educational programming entertains kids like nothing else that comes through theatres. When the show is near the end, and we take questions from the audience, there is one, in particular, we hear most often: “Is that real?”. Yes, it is!

All you need is a 3-minute intro for your product launch? No problem. Our captivating lightning displays can be set up to create lightning bolts from 1 foot to 100 feet long. We can provide a unique show streamlined to integrate with your event, from corporate meeting intros and outros to after-hours entertainment.

Feel free to browse these performance options in more detail, and contact us when you know which Tesla coil show you are after!