Tesla Coils for Science Centers and Museums

2 Tesla coils making lightning bolts at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.

We design exceptionally high-quality musical Tesla coil systems for Science museums and other permanent displays. Though our systems’ performance and reliability are unmatched, we realize that Tesla coil installations require more than just basic functionality. Our experience as a professional touring act has taught us that the quality of the show or interactive experience is as, or even more important than simply making lightning bolts.

We put special attention into every detail, from our machine’s aesthetic design to the usability of our software interfaces back-stage. We can even contribute media content such as high-quality public domain MIDI files from our personal library. Do you need help writing an educational script about a Faraday cage? We can help with that. Need some tips on how to pace your show to keep the audience wanting more? Perhaps take a look at our other science demos.

Regardless of your needs, one thing is for sure: We provide the most powerful and high-quality Tesla coil music systems for permanent displaythat you will find anywhere. 

You can find our installations at:

  • Rochester Museum and Science Center
  • Liberty Science Center
  • Orlando Science Center
  • National Instruments

All systems are built to custom specifications to accommodate the available space. Please contact us for more information on options and pricing.

Singing Tesla Coil @ Orlando Science Center

Tesla Coil Build Photos