Science Demos for Museums and Science Centers

Looking for an exciting science demo to add to your high voltage theatre or classroom? Our experience as travelling science educators makes us uniquely suited to develop captivating and highly reliable demonstrations. Since 2010 we have been developing attractions to complement our Tesla coil center piece.

What better way to explain lorentz  force than by launching an aluminum right into the air or obliterating an aluminum soda can with electromagnets? It’s one thing to explain how like charges repel, but nothing compares to the up close experience of watching someone’s hair stand straight up by means of a portable voltage multiplier.

We create several effects to custom specifications, including:

  • Van DeGraaf generators
  • Voltage multipliers
  • Magnetic can crushing
  • Ring launchers
  • Lenz tube variations
  • Miniature portable Tesla coils
  • Faraday cages

Feel free to contact us for pricing, info and other custom requests.