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We have a number of Tesla coil systems and other professional science demos installed in museums and educational centers all over the world. Our experience as both technology experts and touring science educators makes us uniquely suited to understand  the challenges involved in stationary and traveling science exhibits. Whether you need Tesla coils or other electromagnetic or electrostatic science demos, we most likely have a solution for you. We are also involved in a number of other custom educational demos, from odd musical instruments to animatronic puppets. Not finding what you are after? Or you have an idea for something you’d like custom made? Do you need a permanent installation with custom software? We can do all that stuff. Just let us know how we can help!
A picture of Tesla coil parts sitting on top of a table in a warehouse.

Tesla coils

Learn more about the finest Tesla coil systems for permanent installation!

A child stands on top of a voltage multiplier and her hair is sticking straight up while she makes a funny face.

Science Demos

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