Tesla Coils for Everyone!

Finally! A reliable Tesla coil kit that anyone can make! From the creators of Tesla coil music comes unrivaled home hobbyist Tesla coil kits and accessories. After 15 years of installing professional tesla coils in venues across the country, ArcAttack has used that experience to create hobby kits that are actually easy to use. Our high-quality installations can be seen in science museums in the USA and abroad, and at long last, available to you. Look no further, we are your one-stop source of DIY musical Tesla coil kits and accessories.

Our products are designed with ease of construction in mind. Our kits do not require an electrical engineering degree to build (although if you have one, more power to you).  A standard soldering iron and some hand tools are all that’s required to get started with building an ArcAttack Tesla Coil Kit. And after you’re done? It plays music as well as creating wild displays of artificial lightning!

Constructing a singing Tesla Coil will make a unique weekend project or family project. It will provide a fun day of learning something new and nights full of science fiction action! Our kits allow users to construct their own powerful coils that create beautiful music and displays of colored plasma. They’re great projects for experts and students alike. Find out why our products are unrivaled in quality, performance, innovation, and ease of use. Our community of musicians and hobbyists loves our musical Tesla coil kits!

Curious about what else we offer? When it comes to add-ons, we have everything you need from DMX control to fiber optic accessories. We are currently working to get our entire inventory online. Don’t see what you need? Just give us a shout!

Pro Kits and More!

Thundermouse making giant sparks in a living room setting.

Thundermouse Tesla Coil Kit

ArcAttack's new full-bridge Tesla Coil Kit brings all the parts needed to assemble a powerful Tesla coil in one box including an easy to use USB controller. We've gone through hundreds of iterations to create what many hobbyists have told us is their ideal kit. And now we're making it available to everybody! This kit will show you how easy it is to have a singing Tesla coil in no time.​

A circuit board with various input and output ports.


The simplest MIDI2DMX interface, can fade 127 dmx channels as smoothly as any high end lighting console.​

Science Museum Supply

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A photo of arcattack's Lightning guitar poster. An anime style character holding a guitar while grasping a lightning guitar with his right hand.

Merch For Sale

Check out our swag! We have a pretty decent assortment of T-shirts and posters. The same stuff we sell at our merch table when we go on tour. A perfect way to support our cause without having to build a Tesla coil!