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Discover the captivating fusion of music and electricity with the ArcAttack MicroPulse, our most compact Singing Tesla Coil. Effortlessly synchronize your favorite tunes via Bluetooth and watch the electrical arcs dance to the rhythm. Featuring advanced Double Class E topology and user-friendly controls, the MicroPulse offers a safe and mesmerizing introduction to Tesla coil phenomena. Perfect for educational purposes, hobbyists, or as a striking desktop display, this model makes the wonders of science accessible and enjoyable.

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ArcAttack MicroPulse – Compact Singing Tesla Coil with Bluetooth Audio Synchronization

Discover the ArcAttack MicroPulse:

Dive into the electromagnetic realm with the ArcAttack MicroPulse, our smallest and most convenient Singing Tesla Coil to date. Engineered for enthusiasts, educators, and hobbyists, it offers an engaging introduction to Tesla coil applications in a compact, streamlined package.


  • Advanced Double Class E Topology: Our MicroPulse model is designed with a precise double Class E circuit, maximizing the performance efficiency of this compact educational tool.
  • Bluetooth Audio Synchronization: Wirelessly pair your device to the MicroPulse and experience a unique convergence of sound and light. The Tesla coil’s arcs dance in harmony with your chosen melodies, producing an entrancing display of visual music.
  • Customizable Arc Patterns: With accessible controls, you can easily tailor the electromagnetic visualizations to the rhythm and tempo of your music. Fine-tune the arc’s behavior to match the dynamic pulse of sound with visually stimulating effects.
  • Smaller Scale, Enhanced Safety: Our commitment to safety is paramount. The ArcAttack MicroPulse is built with stringent safety measures, making it a safer option compared to larger Tesla coil setups, although the awe of electrical phenomena remains undiminished.
  • Immediate Enjoyment: From box to first-use, set-up is a breeze. The MicroPulse is built for those ready to dive right into the action without complicated configurations. Get ready to be mesmerized in moments with this plug-and-play model.


  • Material: High-grade ABS
  • Product Weight: 500g
  • Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 13.7 x 4.2cm
  • Included in Package: ArcAttack MicroPulse Singing Tesla Coil, charging cable, power adapter, and user-friendly manual
  • Package Weight: 750g
  • Packaging: Designed for sustainability and product protection

Introduce Your Space to Miniaturized Majesty:

Whether used as a captivating demonstration in the classroom, a hands-on exploration of physics at home, or as a unique conversation piece, the ArcAttack MicroPulse Singing Tesla Coil adds an element of wonder to any setting. This affordable, compact solution is your gateway to exploring the marvels of Tesla technology with confidence and creativity.

Bring the melody of science into your world with the ArcAttack MicroPulse – Ignite curiosity, inspire learning, and electrify imagination!