Thundermouse Tesla Coil Kit


Now You Can Easily Build Your Own Spectacular TESLA COIL! Invented by Nicola Tesla over 100 years ago as part of his mad-scientist arsenal, the tesla coil is one of the most mysterious electrical devices ever created!

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Make Your Own Singing Tesla Coil!

At ArcAttack, we’ve been experimenting with controlling our Tesla coils with music for years. We’ve put everything we’ve learned into the Thundermouse. This knowledge is why it’s the most advanced kit available today. Our DIY Tesla coil kit will allow anybody to create a stunning lightning display just like ArcAttack.

The Thundermouse offers advanced features while limiting the design to all through-hole components. For that reason, it’s easy to assembly. This simplicity is achieved using a Cypress Psoc5 development board. We also use a unique method of primary current envelope shaping. Because of this, the Thundermouse can move fluidly through many modes of modern Tesla coil operation.

Thundermouse delivers its capabilities through a single plug and play USB device. It works under Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. Plug it in, and Thundermouse connects as a virtual MIDI and serial port. Therefore, this device enables full two-way control of power and performance parameters. Our device works directly with popular music software. These include Ableton Live, Apple Garage Band, Microsoft XPSynth, and SonarX3 Studio.

  • Features include:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Control up to eight Thundermice with one USB interface
  • Fiber-optic interface
  • Cross-platform software
  • Primary current shaping
  • Extensive MIDI support
  • 1/4″ jack for electric guitar/analog input
  • Upgradable
  • All acrylic chassis to ensure high voltage resilience

Want to build a Tesla Coil? 

Our electronic kit includes everything you need except for two important things – Weld-on 4 and Weld-on 16. Choosing from 110v or 220v is a simple jumper setting (only USA power cord included). After assembling, plug it in and begin learning how to use the Thundermouse.

  • Spark Length: >3′ (mode dependent)
  • Primary amps max: 250
  • Max MIDI pulse: 1000us+
  • Max one-shot pulse: 20ms+
  • Primary L: 15uh
  • MMC: .033uf, 4000v
  • Tuning: Upper pole
  • Operating Frequency: ~400khz
  • Secondary: 6″ winding, 4″ diameter, 32awg, 638turns
  • Secondary resonance: 21mh, 1.79pf, 335khz
  • Coupling: .308
  • Input V: 110 or 220
  • BUS Voltage: 330v
  • Watts: >1500
  • USB Tesla Coil Interface

Years of live performance have given us the unique opportunity to develop the most effective Tesla coil music control methods. Our interface is all of that rolled into one and easy to assemble. This USB composite device detects both as a generic MIDI interface and serial port. A quarter-inch jack enables analog control with an electric guitar or synthesizer.

USB MIDI features:

  • Daisy chain up to 4 Thundermice with one device
  • Perpetually upgradable
  • PC software allows voltage and temperature telemetry, real-time configurations
  • ¼ inch in for guitar/audio signals
  • Low-cost fiber optic interface
  • Tesla Coil Driver

The Thundermouse Tesla coil driver is the most capable yet easiest to assemble driver available. Using an innovative high-speed current limiting scheme, our driver achieves precise primary current envelope control while maintaining zero current switching and low switching losses. The benefits of this range from minimizing hardware requirements, maximizing the spark length to secondary length ratio, smoothly transitioning between modes of operation, not to mention opening up possibilities for tone and timbre control while being used for musical purposes.


  • Innovative current limit control
  • All through-hole design for easy assembly or repair
  • IXDN630 gate driver chips allow 24v, 14a gate drive capabilities
  • Dual gate drive outputs for advanced H bridge control techniques
  • Can be used in other DIY coil projects.
  • Bus voltage, gate voltage, and heatsink temperature feedback
  • Designed to work with Thundermouse USB interface
  • Perpetually upgradable
  • H-Bridge

The Thundermouse musical Tesla coil kit uses a full bridge of  FGH60N60SMD IGBTs. When controlled properly, these devices have proven to be very reliable in Tesla coil applications. This compact module can be configured with jumpers to work with 110v or 220v power standards.


  • 110 or 220v input
  • Charge and run relays
  • 2200uf bus capacitance
  • Bus V up to 350v DC
  • Bus voltage feedback
  • No variac needed
  • MMC

Using 942C20S33K-F capacitors, this MMC performs quite well for such a small and easy to assemble package. And fear not, we left plenty of room in the chassis for upgrades for those looking to experiment with massive spark lengths.


  • .033uf
  • 4000v
  • Primary coil

Toroidal primaries are excellent for providing high coupling while reducing the risk of flashovers. This improvement is due to their field-shaping properties. The initial recommended setup leaves a few extra turns available for upgrades or tuning experiments. The copper tubing opens up possibilities for cooling upgrades.


  • 3/16 copper tubing
  • high temperature rated acrylic frame
  • 15uh inductance
  • low voltage stress design
  • Secondary coil

Each secondary coils is machine made to exact specifications to ensure design repeatability. 638 turns of 32awg wire are wound on a 4″ acrylic form, then given a uniform epoxy coating and left to dry.


  • 6″ winding length
  • 32awg magnet wire
  • 21mh inductance
  • 2pf winding capacitance
  • 335khz self-resonant
  • frequency
  • Topload

Ring toroids are well known for being easy to build as well as a good aesthetic choice. Combined with an acrylic frame, it offers both a streamlined look and excellent high voltage properties.


  • 9pf total capacitance
  • 8″ major diameter
  • 2″ minor diameter
  • 8 rings of 3/16 flexible aluminum tubing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tesla Coil Kit FAQ

Can I use the Thundermouse driver in another coil design?

Yes, you can. All the settings are configurable for different frequencies and modes of operation.

Do I need a USB controller for each Thundermouse?

One USB controller can control up to 8 Thundermice. Though, potentially fewer if the MIDI is high in pitch bend and control data. You simply daisy-chain the drivers to create a ring network.

Is your USB device an “interrupter”?

We retired the traditional interrupter device earlier this century. The controller is simply a USB composite device designed for two-way communication with the Tesla coil. The “interrupter” is located on the driver board and integrates with the driver logic.

Is the Thundermouse a QCW coil or DRSSTC?

Both. The Thundermouse uses an innovative yet simple to use primary current envelope shaping interface. Using high-speed algorithms, we’re able to create dynamic primary current shapes. The control interface is similar to an ADSR. All settings can be changed in real-time with MIDI.