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Orders and Shipping

Shipping times may vary. We currently ship from our overseas facilities for some items, and locally here in TX for others. 

While it is not required, we do suggest creating an account to track your orders and use our support systems!  You can build an account by visiting the my account page! 

You can either contact us  or log into your account to change address information!

We work with our shipping team to provide tracking information in the notes of your order the minute we have shipped. Please visit your account to see your order details!

No. We use third party payment systems such as square, paypal, and others to process your order securely. No sensitive information is kept on our servers in this regard.

Currently we only require sales tax from customers in Texas. 

Currently we only ship to the united states. We hope to expand globally SOON! 

This depends on which products you have ordered. some pieces may come from Texas, with others coming from our overseas facility! 

Returns and Exchanges

More info Coming Soon! 

We are truly sorry that you have received the wrong item. Please contact us right away and we will discuss your options!

We are very sorry to hear that! Please take pictures of the  damaged box / packaging, then the product itself (including any details you think we need to see!) and then contact us. We will make sure you get taken care of!

Please Contact Us in order to get your issues resolved in a quick and friendly manner 😀 

If you notice an incorrect address BEFORE we have shipped your product, changing your address is easy! Log into Your Account and make adjustments there. However, if your order has already shipped, we will have to wait until the product has been returned to us before we can ship it out again. 

If we have not yet shipped your order, we have no issues cancelling and giving you a complete refund. Unfortunately there will be no cancellations or refunds given for products which have already left our warehouses.

We will be providing backorder options for items that we are 100% sure we will be able to re-stock.