Thundermouse Update!

Happy New Year! Many of you guys have been emailing us about the backorder status of our Thundermouse kit. We’re currently experiencing issues obtaining a

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Arduino DMX breadboard example

DMX over RS485 with an Arduino

Having a traveling Tesla coil show means having to understand other stage technologies. One often encountered issue is the effect that our machine’s EMI can have

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ArcAttack entertains thousands of kids in a theatre.

Winter 2020 tour wrap up!

We just finished up our winter educational tour of 2020 and it was a blast!  This tour mainly focused on engineering and explaining the methodology

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David Blaine stand atop a 24 foot pillar while being struck by 8 Tesla coils.

David Blaine: Electrified Exciting news! Our performance stunt with David Blaine was a complete success! On October 5th of this year, Blaine began performing a 72-hour endurance stunt

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ArcAttack's lightning guitar player takes the stage on America's Got Talent!

Tesla coils on America’s Got Talent We’re finally wrapping up our stint on America’s Got Talent! What a crazy experience that was. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been involved

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