Tesla Coil Music Videos

Whether you call it a musical Tesla coil, singing Tesla coil, thoramin, or zeusaphone, one thing is for sure: these things look and sound amazing. We’ve been making lightning music videos since 2005 and constantly improve our methods of filming and recording them.   You’d be surprised how hard it is to get a microphone close to a giant lightning bolt! We’ve managed to refine our videos with a vast array of interesting techniques to get both our cameras and our microphones closer and closer to the coils.

Below is a collection of some of our videos over the years mixed in with our livestreams. Feel free to peruse them to see if your favorite song has gotten the musical Tesla coil treatment. If we haven’t had the chance to electrify your favorite earworm, hit us up on our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, and send us a message.  

We’re always looking for good music to play through our giant Tesla coils! Especially since we’re old fogeys and aren’t quite hip to what the kids these days are listening to.  If you happen to be an old fogey as well, or just into classic music, send us some links to some oldies that might lend well to the coils.Also check out our past livestreams, and although we’ve put the livestreams on the back burner for now, we haven’t forgotten them. 

 You can still watch them in their entirety, although not as fun as live, but it will hold you over until we get things back up and running.
We’re sure after watching our videos, when someone asks you what your favorite musical instrument is, you’ll say “musical Tesla coil!”, or maybe “zeusaphone!”, or whatever!