[advanced_iframe src="https://arcattack.com/tce/TeslaCoilEmulator.html" width=100% ]

Singing Tesla Coil Emulator

Ever want to give a musical Tesla coil a whirl?  Well, check out our Thundermouse, a fully capable MIDI controlled DIY musical Tesla coil kit that you can enjoy with in the comfort of your own home.  On the fence on whether or not the kit is for you?  In that case check out our Tesla Coil emulator.  It truly is a blast from the past of ArcAttack history.

Featured on Gizmodo, one of our favorite tech blogs, the Tesla coil emulator was written in adobe flash back in 2009.  We filmed all of the video in our original ArcAttack warehouse with some of our original coils.  The original idea was an offshoot of our Tesla Coil VST.  A VST is basically a software based musical instrument.  We created the VST in order to work on music for the Tesla coils without having to turn them on.  People tend to look at you funny in the coffee shop when you play the Game of Thrones theme song on a giant lightning machine hooked up to your laptop.  The VST and the emulator help you avoid that side eye. 

You have two ways to play the emulator. First you can click on the “synth” keys in the lower right part of the screen. Second, you can use your keyboard’s letter keys to play your favorite tunes.  Be careful though, if you overheat the emulator you might blow up an IGBT.  Don’t worry though,  the virtual ArcAttack crew will come in to fix things and get everything back up and running.  Don’t be afraid to click around the interface either. Who knows, you may find an Easter egg or two.  

Currently the Tesla coil emulator runs on Adobe Flash, so you will have to enable its use, but soon we will update it to HTML5 and hopefully add in some rudimentary MIDI control.