String Theory: Online Music Theory Calculator

String Theory is an innovative browser-based music theory and practice tool designed for musicians and learners. It serves as a powerful resource for understanding and exploring musical scales and chords. With its ability to solve and display possible chords from various scales, it stands as an invaluable aid for both study and practice.

The tool uniquely visualizes this information on a fretboard or piano interface. This feature allows users to see the practical application of music theory on their chosen instrument. It’s an interactive reference that functions like a musical slide ruler, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Moreover, it is more than just a theoretical tool; it’s an interactive guide for musicians. Whether for beginners or advanced players, it offers a hands-on approach to learning and applying music theory concepts.

Further information, including an extensive video tutorial, is available on the project’s website. This resource provides detailed guidance on how to make the most of String Theory, enriching the user’s learning experience.

In summary, String Theory is a cutting-edge tool that transforms the way musicians and learners engage with music theory. Its browser-based interface makes it accessible and user-friendly, while its comprehensive features provide deep insights into the world of scales and chords. The additional resources and tutorials available on the project website further enhance its utility as a learning and practice tool.