Viktoria Modesta's Arc Leg

In 2018-2019, ArcAttack had the unique opportunity to collaborate with bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta on the arc leg project. This exciting project focused on designing a special effect inside a prosthetic leg. The team for this innovative endeavor included high-tech fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, United Nude shoe company, and the Alternative Limb Project.

The aim was to create an awe-inspiring electrical effect, akin to a Jacob’s Ladder, that would ascend through the open shin of the prosthetic. This challenge called for a blend of artistic vision and technical precision. The collaborators worked meticulously to ensure the effect was visually impressive, safe, and integrated seamlessly into the design of the prosthetic.

Furthermore, this project showcased the convergence of fashion, technology, and personal expression. It highlighted the transformative power of technology in enhancing individuality, especially in wearable art. Additionally, the project underscored the importance of collaborative innovation, bringing together varied skills and viewpoints for a groundbreaking outcome.

The final piece was a significant part of a marketing campaign for Rolls Royce. This inclusion demonstrated the project’s success in merging functionality with high-end aesthetic appeal. The campaign highlighted how cutting-edge technology and design could come together to create something truly spectacular and unique.

In summary, the Viktoria Modesta Arc Leg project, culminating in its role in the Rolls Royce marketing campaign, was a landmark in wearable technology and artistic innovation. The collaboration of ArcAttack, Anouk Wipprecht, United Nude, and the Alternative Limb Project not only resulted in a striking piece of wearable art but also exemplified the extraordinary potential of interdisciplinary collaboration in art and technology.