David Blaine: Tesla Coil Stunt

David Blaine stand atop a 24 foot pillar while being struck by 8 Tesla coils.


In 2012, ArcAttack undertook a groundbreaking project with renowned illusionist David Blaine. This extraordinary event took place in New York City, specifically on Pier 54. Over the course of three days, Blaine was the focal point of an electrifying performance involving Tesla coils. He bravely stood atop a 22-foot tall pillar, while seven Tesla coils directed their electrical discharges towards him.

This remarkable stunt was not just a display of bravery and technology but also a global spectacle. The event was live-streamed worldwide, attracting an enormous audience. Over 400 million people engaged with the performance, either by watching it unfold or by actively participating. They controlled Tesla coil patterns over the internet, adding an interactive element to the spectacle.

Moreover, the event showcased ArcAttack’s technical prowess and innovative spirit. Their ability to safely integrate high-voltage equipment in a public performance was a testament to their expertise. Also, the global engagement the event received highlights the universal appeal and fascination with such technological feats.

We were tasked with building 9 solid state Tesla coils that required the ability to operate continuously for 3 days straight. A feat previously never achieved. With only three months for planning and construction, we worked fast to not only build the Tesla coils, but integrate it with the gigantic truss structure, orchestrate safety planning, not to mention prepare for the actual event. Never before had we accomplished so much in so little time. 

Not only did the machines manage to run continuously for the whole event, David also managed to make it to the very end! Since that time, these machines have been upgraded to latest standards and are fully operational for their next large installation!

In summary, the David Blaine ArcAttack project was a landmark event in both performance art and technological innovation. It not only demonstrated the possibilities of merging art with science but also captivated a massive global audience. This project remains a significant milestone in ArcAttack’s history, showcasing their ability to create awe-inspiring, interactive experiences that resonate worldwide.