Special Projects

From time to time we are called upon to go above and beyond our typical day to day routine. Our experience with technology as well as the arts makes us uniquely suited to develop highly innovative and extraordinarily detailed projects.  From endurance stunts to cyborg maintenance, weird high voltage experiments to coherent product design, well let’s just say we’ve been involved in a lot of stuff. The projects we list on this page are what we consider to be the coolest of the cool. But still, make sure to check in frequently because we have a backlog of undocumented projects that we will be adding to the list. Thanks for browsing and feel free to contact us when you are ready to work with us on the next crazy idea!
Dassy Lee is being zapped by 5 Tesla coils while wearing a Faraday suit.
David Blaine stand atop a 24 foot pillar while being struck by 8 Tesla coils.

David Blaine

Zapped by Tesla coils for three days straight!

Viktoria Modesta's lightning prosthetic

Viktoria Modesta

The world's first lightning enhanced prosthetic!

The world's largest singing Tesla coil pair

Project Titan

The world's largest musical Tesla coil system!

music theory calculator online

String Theory

Master the fretboard with this innovative approach to music theory!

Complete Orlando Science Center Tesla coil

Tesla Coil Emulator

The internet's favorite flash based Tesla coil emulator is back! Enjoy it while flash is still a thing!