Thorben Zethoff: Blog writer

Thorben is an electronics enthusiast from Germany who contributes blog posts and hardware projects. 

Having started with small coding and Arduino projects, he worked his way through more advanced ones, gaining experience in engineering and developing cool stuff. In 2018 he began studying electronic engineering and continues to help design 80GHz and 160Ghz automotive radar systems in cooperation with some of the industry leaders in the field. 

He is the owner of TMax-Electronics and part of many open-source projects in the Tesla coil community. He plays around with everything from power electronics and high voltage to high-speed digital logic and discrete analog circuit design in his free time. 

He also worked as chief show technician at the Aldiana Djerba Atlantide hotel, where he designed the lighting for multiple new shows and special events. This allowed him to try his hand at band mixing and music recording, on top of designing custom electronics that had to endure everyday show use.