Joe DiPrima: Tesla Coil Engineer

Joe DiPrima is the founding member and the creative powerhouse behind ArcAttack. In the lab, he’s the primary force in developing ArcAttack’s custom show equipment. His expertise extends to both hardware and software, showcasing his comprehensive technical skills. Furthermore, Joe’s role is pivotal in transforming innovative concepts into tangible, functional showpieces.

On the road, Joe’s responsibilities shift to overseeing the installation of ArcAttack’s technology. His leadership ensures seamless integration of their complex equipment in various settings. Additionally, Joe’s presence on stage is equally compelling. He skillfully plays both the guitar and the lightning guitar, adding a dynamic musical element to the performances.

Moreover, Joe’s dual role as a developer and performer exemplifies his versatility. His ability to bridge the technical and artistic aspects of ArcAttack’s shows is remarkable. Also, his hands-on approach in both the creation and execution phases makes him a central figure in the team.

In summary, Joe DiPrima is a multifaceted leader in ArcAttack. His technical expertise in hardware and software development, combined with his on-stage talents, are essential to the group’s success. Joe’s innovative spirit and dedication to both the technical and performance aspects of ArcAttack make him an indispensable member of the team, driving their shows to new heights of creativity and technical excellence.