Destiny Augustine: Faraday suit performer, Fabricator

destiny performs with arcattack
Destiny is a welder and fabricator

Destiny Augustine, an artist and fabricator based in Austin, excels in creating immersive art using natural elements. Her collaboration with ArcAttack is a harmonious blend of her artistic vision and their innovative projects. Destiny’s versatility is evident in her wide-ranging skills, including design, sewing, welding, and performing.

Her involvement with ArcAttack encompasses various creative roles. Furthermore, Destiny’s talent in design and fabrication greatly enhances their performances. Her ability to switch between diverse artistic tasks demonstrates her adaptability and commitment to the art.

Destiny’s contributions to ArcAttack go beyond the visual aspects. Her artistic insights and technical proficiency significantly shape the group’s projects. Also, her willingness to engage in a variety of tasks makes her an invaluable member of the team.

Moreover, Destiny brings a unique, problem-solving perspective to ArcAttack’s dynamic performance environment. Her capacity to adapt and respond to creative challenges showcases her resourcefulness and ingenuity.

In summary, Destiny Augustine is a key artist whose diverse skills enrich ArcAttack’s performances. Her expertise in design, sewing, and welding, coupled with her performing abilities, contributes significantly to the team’s success. Destiny’s artistic flair and collaborative spirit are essential elements in crafting ArcAttack’s innovative and immersive art experiences.

“I do all kinds of things from design, to sewing, welding, and performing, and lift heavy things and move them from spot to spot when the guys can’t make up their mind without (much) complaining ;)”