Carla X: Faraday Suit Performer, Costume Designer, Fabricator

Carla-X: Faraday suit performer
Carla performs in Faraday cage

A constant ArcAttack collaborator, Carla X works with the team to create elevated performance experiences and designs utilizing their unique technological and musical talents. Her skills on stage, behind a sewing machine, and with a soldering iron give her an uncommonly broad perspective combined with an attention to detail that enables her to excel in end to end event and theatrical productions. She has consistently maintained a technology integrated presentation style and aesthetic, and combining this with the minds of Joe and John DiPrima formulate a creative powerhouse with insane science based visual productions and art forward performances that are sure to leave you in awe. 

Her creative contributions to the ArcAttack team were essential in prototyping and fabricating the redesign of the original Faraday suit. After months of design iteration and only slightly shocking test runs, she later teamed up with members Anouk Wipprecht and Destiny Augustine to once again push the envelope of technology and design in a high voltage project fabricating faraday suit version 3.0 for RedBull dance. Carla fills a variety of roles on a project to project basis. Utilizing her bold and creative makeup looks and natural stage presence, she acts as a resident lightning conductor on stage assisting with demonstrations and backstage tours. She’s not relegated to the front of the house though, as Carla conducts PA duties on tour such as assembly and disassembly of ArcAttack’s custom tesla coils, and is a Tesla coil operator in training. 

Carla X is the CEO and creative director of Intergalactic Media, an Austin based company providing bespoke immersive arts and entertainment specializing in the integrate of high art and event art. Her skills as a circus performer, experience creator, stylist, artist, fabricator, and general creative tour de force give her a unique otherworldly vision that magnifies any project or event. Her journey and relentless training in the world of circus arts has granted her experience in a wide variety of thrilling and high-flying specialty and sideshow acts, ranging from multi-apparatus aerials such as lyra (aerial hoop) and body loops (straps), to the intense spark display of her cutting edge grinder act.

Carla was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to the United States around the year 2000, she is fluent in both Spanish and English languages which has been beneficial in communication with clients and audiences when traveling overseas. She adds diversity from the multi layered perspective of a rounded conceptual artist to bridging gaps in language barriers.