Carla X: Faraday Suit Performer, Costume Designer, Fabricator

Carla-X: Faraday suit performer
Carla performs in Faraday cage

Carla X is an integral collaborator with ArcAttack, where she combines her diverse talents to elevate performance experiences. Skilled on stage, with a sewing machine, and a soldering iron, she offers a unique, multidisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, her meticulous attention to detail enables her to excel in various roles, from event planning to theatrical productions.

Her style is characterized by a seamless integration of technology, enhancing both aesthetic and functionality. Collaborating with Joe and John DiPrima, Carla becomes part of a creative force. Together, they create visually stunning, science-based art and performances that are truly captivating.

Additionally, Carla’s contributions to ArcAttack are vital. She was instrumental in the prototyping and fabrication of the redesigned Faraday suit. After rigorous testing and design iteration, she teamed up with Anouk Wipprecht and Destiny Augustine. This collaboration led to the groundbreaking Faraday suit version 3.0 for the RedBull dance project.

Moreover, Carla’s versatility shines in her varying project roles. Equipped with bold makeup skills and natural stage charisma, she serves as an engaging lightning conductor. She assists in demonstrations and provides informative backstage tours. Also, her tour responsibilities include managing and operating ArcAttack’s custom Tesla coils, where she is honing her skills as a Tesla coil operator.

Carla is also the CEO and creative director of Intergalactic Media in Austin. This enterprise specializes in bespoke immersive arts and entertainment, blending high art with event art. Her experiences as a circus performer, stylist, and artist contribute to her unique, otherworldly vision, elevating any project or event she is part of.

In addition to her diverse skill set, Carla’s circus arts background includes a wide array of acts, from aerials like lyra and straps to a distinctive grinder act. Originating from Montevideo, Uruguay, and fluent in both Spanish and English, Carla adds a valuable dimension of cultural and linguistic diversity to her work. Her comprehensive artistic perspective and ability to bridge language gaps enrich every project she engages with.