Andrew Mansberger: Lightning Guitar, Bass, String Machine

Arc Attacks Andrew M.

Andrew Mansberger is a multifaceted artist. His work spans across music, sound design, and digital arts. As a musician and sound designer, he excels in creativity and innovation. His passion for music and technology began early. This led him to master various instruments and digital platforms.

In his musical arsenal, Andrew expertly plays the lightning guitar, bass, and string machine. These instruments are part of his role in ArcAttack, a well-known performance group. Moreover, with ArcAttack, he showcases his musical talents uniquely. He also contributes to creating immersive auditory and visual experiences.

Furthermore, Andrew’s involvement in ArcAttack isn’t just on stage. He also produces graphic and video content for them. His musical compositions blend electronic and traditional sounds. Consequently, they reflect his continuous exploration in music production.

Additionally, Andrew adds a unique dimension to his work. His digital manipulation skills enable him to merge old and new art forms. Thus, he crafts art that appeals to a wide audience.

Indeed, Andrew’s contributions to art and music are substantial. His dedication to new artistic paths is evident. Likewise, his ability to intertwine different mediums is remarkable. Whether on stage performing live with ArcAttack, in the studio, or behind a screen, Andrew pushes artistic boundaries. He seamlessly blends art, music, and technology in extraordinary ways.


“If I had a quote, I’d put it in italics right here.” -Andrew