The ArcAttack Crew

Our diverse talents set us apart from the rest. From advanced Tesla coils and electronic design, software development, cutting edge Faraday suits, welding, CAD, CNC machining to extensive experience with theatrical production, touring, musicianship,  performance art and installation. Our team is ready to work with you to create an experience unmatched.

Other companies may be able to rent you a Tesla coil, but what if you want a complete, choreographed and cutting edge performance? Or an interactive Tesla coil music experience for a festival? How about a permanent attraction for a science museum that requires custom software? Look no further, we have it all under one roof.

Our crew’s skill and experience is unrivalled. Feel free to browse through our team member profiles and get to know us a little better! 

Joe DiPrima

Joe DiPrima is the founding member of ArcAttack. Back in the lab he is the primary hardware and software developer of ArcAttack’s custom show equipment. On the road... [Read More]

John DiPrima

Cofounder of ArcAttack, John is ArcAttack’s lead composer. Back in the lab he arranges music, writes VSTs, handles graphic design, and handles 3d product designs like their DIY Tesla coil kit. On the road... [Read More]

Anouk Wipprecht

Dutch FashionTech designer Anouk Wipprecht creates designs ahead of her time; combining the latest in science and technology to make.. [Read More]

Carla-X: Faraday suit performer

Carla X

Carla X is a circus performer, experience creator, bespoke stylist and general creative tour de force currently based in Austin,TX. Her unique... [Read More]

Arc Attacks Andrew M.

Andrew Mansberger

Andrew is a musician, sound designer, tinkerer and script kiddie who contributes graphic and video content, musical compositions, and.. [Read More]

Destiny is a welder and fabricator

Destiny Augustine

Destiny is an Austin based artist and fabricator that loves to use elements from the natural world to creative immersive art pieces, so... [Read More]

Thorben Zethoff

Thorben is a blog writer, programmer and hardware engineer. [Read More]

A picture of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

An honorary member of the ArcAttack crew. Read about the man responsible for the Tesla coil and many other inventions! [Visit Our Blog!]