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ArcAttack performer is wearing a chainmail suit and playing the guitar. As he plays, he is being struck by a lightning bolt from a nearby Tesla coil.


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Dassy Lee is wearing a Faraday suit, while being zapped by 5 Tesla coils surrounding her.

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ArcAttack's broadcast station with various computer screens and pieces of audio equipment strewn about.

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A Tesla coil emits a giant lightning bolt while a laser projects a rainbow pattern in the background.

ArcAttack are the world’s leading Tesla coil professionals. Why is that? The answer is simple: we have been building and performing with musical Tesla coil systems since 2005.

Since our first shows, we have pushed the limits of high voltage special effects. Most importantly, the introduction of musical abilities into these machines. This, along with upgrades in solid-state devices, both have been key factors in expanding their abilities.

For decades, these effects have struggled to become common in concert venues. The reason for this being the tech just wasn’t there yet. From our first experiments, our goal has been to bring these displays to large audiences. One after another, we have solved the problems keeping Tesla coils from the masses.

Our experience as Tesla coil professionals includes installing equipment all over the world, which has led to major improvements in setup methods. Our innovative approach has forever changed high voltage displays. Never before have these effects been so easily added to concert venues and other public events.

In addition to this, our signature musical Tesla coil shows have reached audiences of millions worldwide. Our technical abilities and experience in music and the arts ensure our place as industry leaders. From form to function, we check all the boxes. You will find no substitute for the ArcAttack crew.

Even after this long, we are still amazed by Tesla coils. Expanding their capacity as musical instruments has been a key focus of our career. As technology improves, so will the abilities of these machines. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of modern Tesla coil systems for years to come!